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Echelon Venture Capital invests pre-seed funds in exceptional African startup founders with capital-efficient businesses that leverage technology to scale globally. We fund outstanding teamsbuilding products with a truly unique value proposition focused on large addressable markets.

Echelon Venture Capital will invest in startups and accept them into our collaborative accelerator-like program which enables us to work with them for a period not less than three months after which we would be glad to introduce them to later stage investors.Our single goal is to create an atmosphere where founders can focus exclusively on building products and talking to users thereby getting the startup to a point where they have a great product and opportunity for growth which would help them in raising more funds if needed.


Exceptional teams, Leveraging technology, Capital efficiency, Addressable market size, Value proposition, Path to monetization, Disruptive product

We only reach out to founders we think we are interested in

No, we won’t sign an NDA. We are committed to secrecy on applications we receive.